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In the early 1950s, Félicie Wanpouille, won over by emerging new fashions, asked Michel Morsetti to compose a new fragrance based on geranium rosat. This led to the launch of Poivre, an explosive scent which, still today, is unique on the market. Its spicy peppery top note rests on a particularly rich floral heart formed of jasmine, tuberose and carnation, and a woody base.


Our Fountains

Caron decided to revive the fragrances that made the reputation of the brand at the beginning of the century.



They bring velvety to the skin for a flawless complexion. 


The Exceptional

The flagship products of Caron perfumery, unique and numbered. 



L’Anarchiste this year is too adopting the codes of the collection for men: presented in a very masculine ‘gun barrel’ lacquer, the bottle is enhanced with copper accents.

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