Caron's products

Do you have this impression that your fragance has changed ?

Caron, an ambassador of French High Perfumery, creates fragrances containing mostly natural raw ingredients. These ingredients are more fragile, but also nobler than synthetic ingredients; they are alive; they evolve and develop over time.

These evolutions may be influenced or accelerated by various factors:

-          Storage conditions: we recommend storing your products away from heat, light and humidity, which may cause deterioration in the notes. If you do not use your bottle for a long time, store it in the refrigerator: the fragrance will keep best when chilled.

-          Product oxidation: small amounts of oxygen penetrate the bottle with each use, and these eventually may lead to a slight oxidation in the head notes. We recommend ensuring your bottle is tightly closed in order to avoid accelerating this process.

-          Your skin’s pH: this may change and cause certain raw ingredients to react in different ways. In this case, we suggest that you do not spray directly onto your skin, but rather onto your clothes, as fabric is neutral. 

-          Habit: if you always wear the same perfume, your sense of smell gets used to it.  For some fragrances, you can therefore try more concentrated versions.

How should you store your fragance ?

Fragrance is a product that lives and evolves, yet still remains particularly delicate.

In order to protect it, keep it away from light and heat. If you do not use it for a long time, store it in the refrigerator: the fragrance will keep best when chilled. Replace the cap after each use.

How can you prolong your fragance ?

There are some magical points on the body, such as inside the wrists, behind the knees or at the nape of the neck; olfactory notes develop even more when they are in contact with these points.

You can also spray the lining of your jacket or coat and the hem of your clothes to define your trail.

Fragrance develops more evenly on fabrics made from natural fibres (cotton, wool, linen and fur). 

I have an adverse reaction to a product. 

I accordance with our cosmétovigilance follow-up and to try to understand your reaction the best way possible, please send us your contact information (name, first name, phone number, email address and the name of the product to :

How can I obtain samples ?

Every order made online will come with a selection of samples.

You can tell us in an email what fragrances you would like to discover and we will do our best to include them in your package, subject to stock availability.

Unfortunately, we are not able to send samples by post other than as part of a product order.