Ambassador of Haute Parfumerie

French Haute Parfumerie

Like Haute Couture, French Haute Parfumerie is synonymous with high standards, luxury, and creative daring. It recognises only exceptional products, created using the most exclusive raw materials and rewards traditional know-how. Caron is part of the Comité Colbert which, with a membership of 78 French luxury houses, shares and promotes a set of values in France and internationally: the association of tradition and modernity, of know-how and creativity, and of history and innovation. Caron is also a member of the Comité Montaigne which devotes itself to promoting the image of Avenue Montaigne and Rue François Ier both in France and abroad. It brings together the main fashion and luxury houses of the Avenue and organises  events that feature high on the Parisian agenda.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Label)

EPV is a mark of recognition from the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, put in place to reward French firms with excellent traditional and industrial skills. 

Adaptability, reactivity, innovation, and a passion for their trade: holders of the EPV label are motivated by the same values. Whatever their size or specialty and however well-known they are, together they are keepers of a treasure: France’s production heritage.

Support for products made in France

EPV-labelled companies keep their production activity within France, in sectors with high added value. Most are present in international markets and thus export emblematic French know-how. They are representative of the “made in France” expertise and spirit, and forge France’s economic and cultural identity.

By calling on the expertise of a labelled company, customers and opinion leaders support the maintenance and development of these prestigious activities in France, safeguarding jobs, creating new ones, and keeping them local.

The tailor-made seal

These companies are capable of working on the most unusual sites, to take on the most original orders, and to provide unique, tailor-made solutions to cater for the most specialised of requirements and the most demanding of customers. In all spheres, whether employing traditional skills or cutting-edge techniques these companies share a common talent: that of offering tailor-made solutions and products not to be found elsewhere.
Whether they are carrying on or reintroducing original ancestral techniques, they do not hesitate to innovate in order to cater for current demands and standards.