A family of perfumer creators

Caron is one of the major Perfume Houses that works with its own perfume creators. Richard Fraysse comes from a line of perfumers: his grandfather created Yardley's English Lavender in 1913 and his father was behind Arpège by Lanvin in 1927. He has always been an olfactory designer. His perfume compositions are unique; he selects the most beautiful natural essences, continually searching for a high quality signature. A few months ago, his son William Fraysse joined Caron. In their home, fragrance is part of a family heritage, and the decision for father and son to work together came naturally: one begins drawing away as the other arrives onto the scene.

Therefore, Caron owns its product formulas, purchases all its fragrance components directly and even sometimes takes charge of the distillation.

Authentic know-how

”At Caron, I am lucky enough to have complete creative freedom, with no budget or marketing constraints. I can favour rare natural essences, such as Absolute of Rose or Jasmine so as to remain true to the great tradition of luxury perfume.

Despite advances in chemistry and the pursuit of profit, fragrance remains a rare and precious luxury product, if it is to retain its original purpose: to make the wearer dream.  “

His compositions are on the classical side and he has a preference for the softness and roundness of feminine fragrances, creating, among others, the voluptuous “Lady Caron”.