Fragance Workshops

Our in-house perfumer works on his compositions at a perfume organ that was designed especially for him.

He has complete creative freedom and selects the raw materials himself.

He assesses the quality of the harvests, compares lavender from different sources, roses with their incredibly subtle accents, newly created synthetic materials and especially the remarkable natural materials so rarely used today.

The concentrates are created in our workshops under strict supervision.

During the bottling of the perfume extracts, several expert hands still handle the delicate “baudruchage” technique and the placement of the gold thread.

Powder Workshop

The famous “Poudre Peau Fine”, created in the 1930s using an exclusive production method, continues to be made following to the same best practices.

The originality of this unique and secret formula lies in the quality of the raw materials used, the Bulgarian Rose scent and the manufacturing process that makes it ensures it is the finest loose powder.

The machines designed by the creators of this process are still in use in our workshops.

Each product is meticulously controlled; the metal compacts are individually polished before being packaged.