Haute parfumerie

Unbound by trends and genres alike, the Caron signature is expressed with strength and determination through rich and intense trails that leave no one indifferent.

Jean Jacques, House perfumer, is breathing new life into the timeless spirit of Caron with creations that follow through in their ideas. Demanding perfumer, passionate musician, he imagines fragrances full of character for confident personalities.

To create these, Caron searches for the very finest ingredients, with sublime scents, and in line with its convictions. Essences used with generosity. Daringly over-accentuated. Authentic fragrances that actually evoke what they claim to. Fragrances crafted by artisans, overflowing with elegance, abundant, resolutely opulent.

Finally, the freedom to surround ourselves with the greatest artists and craftspeople to design bottles that are mindful of aesthetics and ethics, beauty and sustainability. Through this prism of endless freedom, Caron looks to the future and contemplates its mission: to perpetuate the tradition of exceptional French perfumery.

Caron is part of the Comité Colbert which, with a membership of 78 French luxury houses, shares and promotes a set of values as the association of tradition and modernity, of know-how and creativity, and of history and innovation. Caron is also a member of the Comité Montaigne which devotes itself to promoting the image of Avenue Montaigne and Rue François Ier both in France and abroad.