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Perfumes and semi-precious stones, two treasures from nature:

Nature is full of goodness. By combining the aura of perfumes with the fascinating powers of semi-precious stones, CARON influences the body and mind. Drawing a bold parallel between perfumery and lithotherapy, the Maison unveils a selection of unisex fragrances that should be worn like precious jewels.

Happiness & Pleasure

Energy & Euphoria

Confidence & Insurance

Spread your hapiness

Our whole self lights up when positive waves spread throughout the body. The irresistible freshness of Rose Croquante and the sunny scent signatures of Eau de Rocaille and Narcisse Blanc bring a sense of joy and playfulness to those who wear them. It’s as if morganite vibrations are transposed into a scent to wrap the wearer in a feeling of security, or like goldstone, which emits energy and good vibes. 

Let your energy flow

The body vibrates with new energy when it comes into contact with the elements. It is stimulated by the euphoric scent signature of Tubéreuse Merveilleuse, becomes brighter with the radiant imprint left by Vétiver Infini and is electrified by the spice of Poivre Impérial. Tiger’s eye and amazonite, protective stones, echo the benefits of these invigorating scents.

Develop your confidence

The alchemy of the elements allows us to realise our full potential. Vetiver, the emblematic root found in Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis, lavender, the essential flower featured in Pour Un Homme and cypress, Yatagan’s iconic tree, are all ingredients that give the anchorage. Like labradorite, which helps to develop positive energy, or agate, the ultimate stone of strength and confidence, these fragrances reveal the authentic aura of each individual.