The powders

The most free-flowing loose powder

Produced in the Paris region using a process that has remained secret since its creation, Caron powder is formulated from pure minerals that are crushed, sifted and blended as many times as necessary to produce the most free-flowing loose powder. Its evanescent look and incredible fine texture gave it its name "Poudre Peau Fine". It makes up, unifies the skin and gives it a matte finish in a single step while remaining undetectable once applied.

Two textures

Formulated to meet the requirements of all skin types, the powder is available in two textures.

Les Transparentes, designed for dry and sensitive skin, is enriched with emollient ingredients that comfort and soften the skin. Formulated with light-reflecting mica micro-particles, it unifies and covers the skin in sheer make-up while illuminating the complexion.

Les Classiques, which contains kaolin, an absorbent ingredient, is aimed at normal to combination skin. With higher coverage, it makes up the skin and gives it a matte finish and a velvety texture.

10 shades

Available in several shades, the powder adapts to the nearest half shade to match the skin tone as closely as possible. From the most neutral, Transparente, to the deepest, Radieuse, to the rosiest, Rose Bonne Mine, or the beigest, Sable, it is available in a palette of shades with enchanting and evocative names.

Powder of pleasure

The formula's originality also lies in the feat of successfully incorporating a liquid fragrance into the powder. As a homage to the scented powders of Ernest Daltroff and his favourite flower, Caron powder has always effused the gentle fragrance of Bulgarian Rose. Conjuring up distant memories of the past, the delicate, fleeting fragrance lingers for a few seconds during this "powder of pleasure" ritual.

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The pompon poudre

Assisted by his artistic director Félicie, Ernest, the founder of Caron, developed a rice powder whose main, patented innovation was its application method.

Sealed in a small sachet made of a fibre that allowed the powder to pass though, the powder is lightly tapped onto the face. At the time, the powder was already scented with Bulgarian Rose.


The scented powder

The fragrances that made the House famous, such as Narcisse Noir, N'Aimez Que Moi, and Tabac Blond were made available as rice powder, much to the delight of their fans.

At the same time, Ernest developed real expertise by reworking the texture of his powder, which he released in several shades. Possessing exceptional properties and an unrivalled fine texture, the most free-flowing loose powder was created.


The make-up range expands

In the 1930s, the pace picked up. The make-up range was enriched with a lipstick line.

A handbag compact, Le Moderniste, was invented and patented. This extremely compact item had a dual use: it could hold several grams of powder as well as a small lipstick. It was adorned in silver and gold-plated metal.


Highly targeted expertise

Caron consolidated its powder expertise by developing a formula for oily skin, Madame Peau Fine.

A compact with an innovative white metal sieve system – making it easier to apply the correct amount of powder – was invented and patented to market the new formula.


The blushes

The same year, blushes completed the complexion range. Coordinated with the powder shades, they were released as blushes for dry and oily skin to cater for all skin types.

The adverts starred a drawing of a face, that of Mademoiselle Argal, Miss Paris 1934, who lent her doe-like eyes to several advertisements.


A second texture

Given the success of the Madame Peau Fine powder, a new texture, Mademoiselle Peau Fraiche, specially formulated for dry skin, was developed. It was released in 20 shades, sold in a round white and gold case with an edge adorned with a "dog collar" style pattern inspired by the jewellery of the time.


The base powder

The base powder, one of the first make-up bases, was invented in the early 1950s. Women used it to prepare their skin before applying powder.


A label of quality

In the early 2000s, Caron powder received Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ("Living Heritage Company") endorsement. This label, a guarantee of quality, expertise and excellence, is given to companies which perpetuate rare craftsmanship and contribute to furthering France's reputation across the world.