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«The perfect balance between the fusing freshness of lavender and the sensual opulence of vanilla. An elegant alchemy that has become emblematic!»
Jean JACQUES, CARON's in-House perfumer

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The iconic fragrance Pour Un Homme de CARON is sheathed in a new, limited-edition decor for Valentine's Day.

Between freshness and sensuality, masculinity and softness, lavender and vanilla, Pour Un Homme de CARON is the signature scent of men with character : Dreamer, Generous, Audacious, Flamboyant, Passionnate...

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Pour Un Homme de CARON - Valentine's day Edition
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An iconic creation in contemporary perfumery, Pour Un Homme de CARON is a living legend. An Eau de Toilette that has seen consistent success for almost 90 years, worn by many renowned figures. Authentic and transcending all trends, its trail embodies an olfactory revolution.

Starting with the finest quality French lavender, the House of CARON’s founder, Ernest DALTROFF, had the bold idea to blend it with an ingredient from the other end of the olfactory spectrum: vanilla. An unexpected alchemy that now seems like the obvious choice. One is fresh and typically masculine while the other is smooth and rich, and generally associated with women’s fragrances. This duo, subtly enhanced with essence of Turkish rose, gradually reveals a masterful amber accord combining styrax, opoponax and musk.

Pour Un Homme de CARON, a timeless elegance with a captivating and contrasting perfume trail.



1934: Ernest DALTROFF, the founder of the House of CARON, created Pour un Homme de CARON. His stroke of genius? Combining opposites: lavender and vanilla. His aim? To offer a real fragrance to men. It was an overwhelming success. Success that is still going strong today, almost a century later. More than a perfume, Pour un Homme de CARON is a revolution.

2022: Jean JACQUES, the in-House perfumer at CARON and a passionate admirer of Ernest DALTROFF, innovates and pays tribute to the iconic Pour Un Homme de CARON with two new creations: Pour Un Homme de CARON Le Matin et Pour Un Homme de CARON Le Soir.

Three fragrances for three interpretations of masculine seduction, three conjugations of lavender: from the freshest to the most sensual, from the most timeless to the most contemporary.



Around LAVENDER: French Lavander Essence | French Lavandin Essence | French Lavender Absolute | French Lavandin Absolute | Turkish Rose Essence

Around VANILLA: Vanilla | Musk | Opoponax Essence | Styrax Resinoid

Our ingredients lists are regularly updated. Before using a CARON product we invite you to carefully read the ingredients list printed on the packaging to be sure that this product is suitable for your personal use.



Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Natural lavender is an essential ingredient in the history of the House of CARON. It is overdosed at 61% in Pour Un Homme de CARON.

In order to guarantee the unparalleled quality and traceability of our creations, the House of CARON collaborates with Jérôme BOENLE, a lavender producer based in Sault, Provence.

All the lavender essence from France used in the production of The Trilogy Pour Un Homme de CARON is harvested exclusively from his fields.

A meaningful partnership that reflects CARON’s craftsmanship and heritage, a House renowned for using the most beautiful lavenders in its fragrances.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Luka J.
Great perfume, great service

I was looking for Pour un Homme de Caron for a long time, and when I found the 50 ml bottle on the Caron site I immediately ordered it. The shipping was fast, and I received a couple of samples for free. The policy that you can first try the perfume is great! Love the perfume and love the service!

Jérôme K.
Pour un homme

Livraison rapide, packaging du colis grande qualité,le parfum incroyable, léger,frais,pas agressif,du très grand parfum, merci la maison caron

Ginevra f.g.c.
Unico. Mitico. Ambiguo. Indimenticabile e indimenticato. Inimitabile nella sua sottile purezza.

Ritorna un mito..scomparso….evaporato…rapito. Ora finalmente lo ritrovo!! I miei sogni si avverano. Già ne ricordo la fragranza unica, che sa di borotalco, lavanda e …giovinezza.
Ritorna per farci respirare il suo aroma inquieto e sottile. Ritorna sì per regalarlo a lui. Ma anche per indossarlo noi: le donne Per per vestirci a fior di pelle ogni mattina di purezza e sensualità. Un rituale segreto magico. Corro a comprarlo. Lo voglio!


Je porte « Pour Un Homme » depuis plus de 35 ans,
, je suis une femme, cette eau je l’aime !
Je n’ai jamais trouvée un parfum féminin pour la remplacer.

Sur le chemin de ma jeunesse

Caron pour homme!le parfum de mon pharmacien lorsque j'étais encore étudiante ,aujourd'hui à la retraite j'en ai encore l'agréable souvenir!

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