Semi-Loose Powder - Les Classiques

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Revised for greater ease of use, the legendary powder is now travel-friendly and has been reinvented in a semi-loose version that you can take with you for touch-ups throughout the day.

The formula is identical with the same result. Only the application technique has changed. The semi-loose powder is available in two textures that will suit all skin types. 

Developed for normal to combination skin, the Classiques, enriched with kaolin, deliver mattifying make-up with good coverage. The complexion is made-up, mattified and velvety.


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Between lavender and vanilla, the fragrance of POUR UN HOMME is unique and charismatic.



They bring velvety to the skin for a flawless complexion. 


The Exceptional

The flagship products of Caron perfumery, unique and numbered. 



L’Anarchiste this year is too adopting the codes of the collection for men: presented in a very masculine ‘gun barrel’ lacquer, the bottle is enhanced with copper accents.

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