Nose to nose with our perfumer

A quiet and reserved man, who cannot disguise the spark in his eyes when the subject of perfume comes up. 

He brings us into his world to begin our voyage, the excitement of scent, the soul in exploration.


Grandson of André FRAYSSE, creator of the famed scent « Arpège » for the House of Lanvin and son of Richard FRAYSSE, perfumer of the House of CARON since 1998, his future is mapped out.

William began his first forays into creation at the age of 9, when he presented an exposé on perfume to his class.

This marked the debut of a passion that has only grown over the years.

Perfume is the history of the FRAYSSE family, an intimate legacy that is etched into all of the family’s generations.

A legacy of perfume notes, a traditon passed on from father to son, for three generations.

William worked for nearly fifteen years next to Richard FRAYSSE, who he considers to be his mentor. The two men have the same absolute confidence in the work.


Long in the shadows, William FRAYSSE blossomed in 2016 as the sole Perfumer-creater of the House of CARON, following after his father.
POUR UN HOMME SPORT, launched in 2015, is his first creation.
This first scent for men from 1934 is translated through the years with this new interpretation.
Its creator’s talent brings two words to mind : modernism and legacy. Words that translate into the very soul of the House of CARON.


CARON, House of Fine Perfumes since 1904, can now boast of having a Perfumer who is a son of the house.

Perfume is so much more than a harmony of notes. It transports us, it is us, it is the child of poetry. The creation of a perfume is an art that is born of patience.
So it is essential to have a Perfumer-creator in the House, someone who is saturated with the name, with its values and with its whole universe.
There are no limits on raw materials for the creator. The Perfumer’s creativity has no bounds.

This is the CARON spirit : put no brakes on the possibility of creating the unexpected.

Today, William is transferring his passion to his 4-year-old son, who loves to speak of the scents he experiences in a child’s words.
The House of CARON will nuture the fourth generation of FRAYSSE perfumers…