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"I have revisited the honeyed leathery accord of the mythical Tabac Blond by combining it with the woody intensity of Indonesian patchouli."
Jean Jacques, CARON's in-House perfumer Read more [...]

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A plant with a plethora of potential, tobacco holds secrets that only the perfumer can unlock. Discover the multifaceted that the Luminous Tobaccos collection reveals! Read more.

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Tabac Noir
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Tabac Noir shows great generosity and unveils exceptional ingredients. A honey accord and tonka bean absolute underline the almost delicious roundness of the tobacco absolute. Cistus Labdanum highlights its naturally leathery inflections. A leather note, the same as the one used in Tabac Blond, further reinforces this depth. Within the scent, the oriental aromas of patchouli essence bring woody notes to the warmth of papyrus and the smokey effects of cedar wood. Luxurious, almost baroque, Tabac Noir leaves a wonderfully enveloping imprint on the skin. An invitation to the excitement of an evening in the East, Tabac Noir is a magnetic leathery fragrance that blends power with sensuality.



An escape to a sumptuous evening in the East, Tabac Noir visits tobacco’s round and rich qualities. In the middle of a patio surrounded by ochre walls, the leaves of palm and papyrus trees dance in the night breeze. Large, low and round tables in the centre are surrounded by floor cushions. Spicy food and honey-flavoured pastries abound in large colourful dishes. The smoke from copper teapots and hookahs rise up into the starry sky. Opulent and intense, Tabac Noir is an unforgettable scent, synonymous with prosperity and fulfilment.

Did you know?  

Of the many fragrances that claim to boast tobacco notes, few, like Tabac Noir, contain real tobacco absolute. In order to capture its characteristic smell, perfumers incorporate ingredients such as coumarin, which mimics its hay accents, tonka bean, which shares almond and vanilla notes, and cocoa, with its fresh tobacco notes.

Luminous Tobaccos

Luminous Tobaccos

Since 1919, Tabac Blond’s deep, leathery and honey-like note of tobacco is the symbol of CARON audacity. This fragrance inspired Jean Jacques, CARON’s in-House perfumer, to dedicate an entire collection to tobacco in the Luminous Tobaccos.

A plant with a plethora of potential, tobacco holds secrets that only the perfumer can unlock. Whether picked while still green or ripe, dried, smoked or burnt, their leaves open up a wide range of possibilities. Multifaceted, tobacco absolute also reveals notes of white tea or cereals, as well as more honey-like aromas, finishing on animalistic and leathery notes.

Borrowing the CARON founder’s taste for adventurous exploration, Jean Jacques unveils, through the Luminous Tobaccos collection, the extent of this mythical ingredient’s olfactory spectrum.

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse wears its name well. Combining the gems of our heritage with very contemporary creations, every last detail illustrates the overwhelming creativity, daring spirit, and generosity of our House. Refillable, stackable and customizable, the O bottle is our emblem. Free to be different, La Collection Merveilleuse is the most beautiful expression of French Haute Parfumerie by CARON.



Jean Jacques, CARON’s in-House Perfumer, worked on the most oriental aspect of tobacco. Leathery and honeyed with notes of dry hay, Balkan tobacco absolute is an exceptionally rich ingredient. The perfumer has chosen a rare Indonesian patchouli, sourced from a For Life-certified supplier, which also boasts a highly complex scent. Woody, rounded and warm, it perfectly pairs with the tobacco in a rarely intense scent.

Around PATCHOULI: Indonesian Patchouli Essence For Life quality (IFF label) | Madagascar Pepper Essence | Papyrus Essence | Chinese Cedarwood Essence | Vanilla note

Around TOBACCO: Balkan Tobacco Absolute | Honey | Cistus Labdanum | Tonka Bean Absolute

Our ingredients lists are regularly updated. Before using a CARON product we invite you to carefully read the ingredients list printed on the packaging to be sure that this product is suitable for your personal use.


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Customer Reviews

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Jose R.
Tabac Noir Somptueux

Depuis toujours Tabac Blond a èté mon parfum préféré, Je viens de découvrir Tabac Noir, un accord Tabac fabuleux tres elegant qui me va a merveille, je crois devenir totalement infidèle a mon cher Blond...... Un tuyau: Avec une ""touche"" de Poivre Sacré il devient Envoutant. Bravo Caron

Fabrice C.
Parfum de séduction pour la soirée.

J’y retrouve pour ma part des arômes miellés bien marqués, tout en restant légers et discrets, de pruneaux, de fruits rouge confits dans l’eau-de-vie, de cuir, et de tabac hollandais. Un bel équilibre.
Un parfum de séduction pour une soirée !


Je l’ai reçu hier , exactement la fragrance que je cherchais depuis plusieurs années, j’aime l’odeur du tabac et du cuir 🥰
Ce parfum est précieux, l’odeur est envoûtante.

Tabac Noir

Un parfum généreux, chaleureux... Pourtant j'ose le porter en été. Magnétique et addicitif, il sera la parfaite touche finale avant de sortir, ou encore pour parfaire une atmosphère de séduction.

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