Expertise of our House since 1906, our powders are manufactured in France according to an exclusive process, kept secret.

Succumb to the extreme finesse of our powders and their unparalleled rose fragrance : It’s the ultimate scented touch to add to your makeup.


Developed to suit all skin types, our powders are available in two textures: loose and semi-loose. The formula is identical and the result remains the same, only the application mode changes!

Loose powders
Semi-loose powders

CARON powders

Since 1904, CARON has preciously guarded the secret of how its 11 shades of loose powders are made. Lightly scented with Bulgarian Rose from 1935, these extremely fine powders are presented in modern and chic cases. Ladies therefore have a large choice depending on their complexion and skin type. Discover our selection of loose powders and semi-loose powders too…

Clear powders

The “classic” powders, with timeless shades like Invisible, Madame, Peau Ambrée, Noisette and Sable, offer coverage for normal to combination skin types! Discover our selection of brushes too…

Transparent powders

*For the “transparent” powders for normal to dry skin types with a natural effect, they come in typically CARON shades named Translucide, Transparente, Radieuse, Naturelle and Rose Bonne Mine! Luxuriously fine, CARON powders are designed in our Maison powder workshops with rigorous quality control when it comes to choosing raw materials and the dosage of their components. Their formula is rich in vitamin A and E and has a camellia oil base as well as anti-drying out agents and moisturisers. A new range of “semi-loose” powders has just been launched. Its fine, “featherweight texture” is for the new generation of nomadic, urban women.

Discover our kabuki brushes and our retractable brush too