1. What is a cookie?

A ‘cookie’ is a series of information, that is generally small and identified by a name, which may be sent to your browser by a website that you visit. Your web browser will store it for a certain amount of time, and will send it back to the web server each time you visit again. Cookies have multiple uses: they can be used to memorise your customer login on a merchant website, the current content of your shopping basket, an ID to track your browsing for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.’ (CNIL — French data protection authority)

2. What are cookies for?

We mainly use these cookies to identify you when you visit our website,, and to find out which products you look at and buy on our website. We can also detect your browser’s settings. With all this information, we can personalise your visit by showing you content that may interest you based on your visit history.

3. What cookies are used on 


Browsing cookies are cookies that are necessary for the website’s smooth technical operation They optimise the display of content on your device.



These cookies are not essential to the website’s smooth operation but they optimise your experience on our website. For example, they enable us to identify you if you have chosen the option to be recognised each time you log in, so you no longer have to enter credentials. If you have added items to your shopping basket, these cookies enable us to find your basket as you left it when you closed your session, without finalising your order.



These cookies enable us to monitor your browsing for optimisation purposes. The information gathered includes the number of visitors and the origin and details of the pages that have been visited. This information helps us make improvements to our website, the shopping experience and our campaigns.



These cookies enable us to send you marketing messages that may interest you based on your browsing history.

Third-party cookies are those you are sent by trusted third-party partners. These cookies enable you to present our sales offering on other affiliated websites (advertising re-targeting). With respect to third-party cookies, we do not control the information provided by the cookie, nor do we have access to this data. This information is entirely controlled by third-party companies, in accordance with the details provided in their policies. Please read their confidentiality policies to find out the cookies’ purposes and to enable you to make your choices with these third-party companies, choosing the configuration that seems most appropriate for your privacy protection rights.

4. How do you configure/delete cookies?

 Out of principle, whether or not a cookie is saved on your browsing software on your computer is subject to the user’s consent. You can at any time authorise, limit or ban Cookies, simply and free of charge, by changing your browser’s settings.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, by default, web browsers are generally adjusted to accept cookies.

You can easily modify your browser’s settings:

- If you access our website from Internet Explorer, by clicking here

- If you access our website from Google Chrome, by clicking here

- If you access our website from Safari, by clicking here

- If you access our website from Firefox, by clicking here

However, if your browser is configured to refuse cookies, come essential features of our website may no longer work: buying products, personalised browsing on our website, etc.

5. Find out more about cookies

For more information cookies, visit the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (French data protection authority) website at the following address: