Eco-responsibility at the heart of our mission

Eco-responsibility at the heart of our mission

Our committed approach begins by selecting the ingredients that are incorporated into our perfumes. From his first day at CARON, our perfumer Jean JACQUES set about selecting the most beautiful raw ingredients for his perfuming palette, with a preference for natural materials.

Lavender at the heart of our commitment

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Natural lavender is an essential ingredient in the history of the House of CARON. It is overdosed at 61% in Pour Un Homme de CARON.

In order to guarantee the unparalleled quality and traceability of our creations, the House of CARON collaborates with Jérôme BOENLE, a lavender producer based in Sault, Provence.

All the lavender essence from France used in the production of the Trilogy Pour Un Homme de CARON is harvested exclusively from his fields.

A meaningful partnership that reflects CARON’s craftsmanship and heritage, a House renowned for using the most beautiful lavenders in its fragrances.

Certified sustainable suppliers

Turkish Rose, Haitian Vetiver, Indonesian Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood, French Lavender and many more ingredients used in our fragrances are sourced from certified responsible suppliers.

The For Life certification issued by Ecocert recognises that an organisation meets certain specific sustainability criteria, particularly transparency, environmental responsibility, fair working conditions and positive relationships with local producers.

Australian sandalwood is sourced from a traditionally 100% Aboriginal business, Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils, whose ethical supply chain is closely linked to the local population and protects the Australian desert. Its subtle woody essence with nutty accents was the inspiration behind one of Jean Jacques’ latest fragrances, Santal Précieux.

Our "For Life" Turkish rose is sourced from a supplier that promotes sustainable agricultural practices and ensures producers are paid fairly.

The “For Life” Indonesian patchouli is sourced by IFF from a fully integrated supply chain, which supports 600 local producers and contributes to the reforestation of the region. Its exceptional, deep and woody aroma is particularly powerful in the scent signature found in Tabac Noir.

Working closely with Haitian vetiver producers

Working closely with Haitian vetiver producers

In 2020, CARON perfumes got involved with the Vetiver Forward project by the non-profit organisation Heifer International, a non-profit NGO whose goal is to eradicate poverty and famine. This partnership supports more than 3,000 Vetiver farmers via six cooperatives.
This 10% overdosed ingredient is found in our Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis fragrance, as well as in Vétiver Infini.
This initiative allows farmers to strengthen their negotiating power on the market and to earn additional income in order to improve their standard of living in the long term. This also supports sustainable agricultural practices by preserving the health of the soils and biodiversity.

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CARON and Laboratoire Monique Rémy Naturals, a committed partner

CARON and Laboratoire Monique Rémy Naturals, a committed partner

CARON works with the Laboratoire Monique Rémy Naturals in order to expand its perfuming palette of beautiful raw ingredients.
Since its creation in Grasse in 1983, the mission of the Monique Rémy laboratory is to work directly with partners across the world to research natural and sustainable ingredients that are transparent in their production process and at the highest quality possible. Our perfumer Jean JACQUES chooses ingredients that seem most suited to incorporating tradition and modernity into his creations today.
Each perfume composed with a renewable ingredient is part of this global approach to sustainable and bold creativity.

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