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Are Caron fragrances made with natural or synthetic raw ingredients?

The raw ingredients used to create Maison Caron perfumes embody our values of creativity, generosity and quality.

Our Maison aims to incorporate an exceptional selection of natural and synthetic raw ingredients into each of its fragrances.

The natural raw ingredients, like Rose or Vetiver, are sourced from the ethical “IFF For Life” programme, which respects specific sustainability criteria such as transparency, environmental responsibility, fair trade and ethical relationships with local producers and communities.

The synthetic molecules used are needed to reduce the risk of allergies and have helped us revolutionise the world of perfumery. They are used by the perfumers to let their creativity run free.


How can I find a product’s ingredients?

The list of ingredients can be found on the packaging of all our products. If you have a more specific questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at the following address :


Are Caron products hypoallergenic?

Caron products have been designed to avoid allergic reactions.


Have the Maison’s perfume formulas changes since their creation? 

The formulas for all fragrances in our Collection respect their original formula as closely as possible. However, some formulas may evolve in order to find the perfect combination of regulatory restrictions and natural raw ingredients.


Why are some fragrances, like the ANARCHISTE, FRENCH CANCAN and FLEURS DE ROCAILLE, no longer available?

The Maison Caron, guardian of its history but also its formulas that have been kept secret for many years, has been able to develop iconic perfumes that are mainly composed of wonderful and natural raw materials.

However, our rigorous approach and changes in fragrance legislation have led us to temporarily withdraw certain scents from our catalogue as the ingredients required to maintain their legendary formula no longer comply with the regulations in place.


The Collection Merveilleuse

How do you justify the change from the original picot bottle to the new bottles found in the Collection Merveilleuse?

The Collection Merveilleuse is a unique collection that brings together all of our Maison’s most beautiful creations.

With the creation of the new O bottle, Caron wanted to support the responsible commitment of Haute Parfumerie and perpetuate its refill option. Both modern and unique, this bottle has been built to last. Infinitely refillable and available in three sizes, it is also customisable. Since its creation in 1904, Caron has upheld a strong commitment to both mankind and the environment. Our new O bottle is a perfect example of this.


How do I refill my bottle?

The O bottle is refillable. Unscrew the pump and refill it endlessly thanks to the refill available on the website or at the fountain in store.


Is the packaging recyclable?

The fully recyclable box is made up of 2 elements: a box covered in FSC paper and a removable white thermoformed wedge made of Pulp (an entirely plant-based material). The sleeve is also recyclable and produced in Europe.


Our recommandations for use

Our fragrances

What is the difference between an Eau de Toilette and an Eau de Parfum?

In general, an Eau de Toilette is less concentrated in perfume than an Eau de Parfum or an extract.

With its often fresh notes, the eau de toilette offers an ideal fragrance for lightness, discretion, and freshness. CARON’s eau de toilette combines lightness and hold.

Eau de parfum and perfume extracts are characterized by rich, and deep notes offering an intense, generous and ample fragrance.

Each CARON perfume style corresponds to a special concentration that combines the promise of keeping and diffusion … as he pleases.


How should I apply perfume?

Rule number 1: The scent should follow a person with an element of softness, mystery and seduction.

It should be applied to specific areas such as the nape of the neck, the neck and the inside of the wrist. These are known as pulse points.

Spray at a distance of around 10 to 20 cm from the skin.

Don’t forget to spray perfume onto your clothes and hair too, so that its fragrance trail lasts longer.


What should I do if I can no longer smell my perfume after a period of time?

This impression is completely normal.

When you get used to your perfume, it seems as though the smell doesn’t last as long, but in fact your scent will remain perceptible to the people around you. Using an Eau de Toilette as well as an Eau de Parfum or extract will help intensify your scent.

To prolong your perfume, we also recommend you continue spraying perfume onto your clothes. In fact, some fabrics are able to hold the smell very well. A simple swish of the fabric throughout the day will help you to smell the fragrance you’re wearing. Be careful not to apply perfume too close to delicate materials like silk.

Natural raw materials are evolving and so is our skin, just like our sense of smell! Sometimes, the alchemy created between your skin and its fragrance changes. Hence the importance of perfuming your clothes.

Alternating between two fragrances is also a good solution to avoid getting used to one scent.


How should I store my perfume?

Heat, air and light are the main factors responsible for the premature alteration of a fragrance.

You should therefore adopt the right habits to conserve it as best as possible: make sure your bottle is properly closed after each use and stored away from direct sunlight (in its original packaging for example) and away from any heat source.


Our powders

Which shade of powder should I choose?

The transparent powder has been designed for dry and sensitive skin. It can be applied on top of a tinted cream for a light and natural look.

The classic powder is suitable for normal to combination skin types. Its texture provides more coverage and has a mattifying effect.

If you require assistance, staff at our Paris boutique are available to help you find the right shade and texture over the phone, WhatsApp or by email.


Contact details for the boutique can be found by clicking the following link:


 How do I apply the Caron powder?

For Caron, the application method should be feminine in fashion, with a light, graceful, romantic and glamorous touch.

First, before applying powder, you should always protect your clothing.

Just like a foundation, select the shade that matches the colour of your neck in order to avoid any difference in skin tone.

Unscrew the lid of the case and place the filter inside to ensure the correct amount of powder is released.

Lightly press the powder across the entire face, from the T zone outwards.

Then use the Kabuki brush to remove excess powder and even out the complexion.

Any powder left on the lips and eyelashes will help to fix your lipstick and mascara.


Our samples & gifts

 How to I receive a sample?

Discover our “Try first!” offer: for any perfume purchased on our site, you’ll receive the corresponding sample for free.

As well as this, for any online order, we have the pleasure to send you a free samples of our latest fragrances.


Does Caron give away samples & gifts?

For any order of more than a certain amount, you’ll be able to enjoy several free products from a larger range of sample doses.

We regularly offer gifts with your orders. By signing up to our newsletter, you’ll be able to keep up to date with the latest Caron news and discover the current gifts available.

To discover our different fragrances, we offer a 5x2ml discovery kit .
For every order of this sample kit, we offer you a €25 voucher from the purchase of €150 in the fragrance category only (excluding discovery kit, discovery box, travel size).
Your voucher is valid for 3 months following your order.

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