Maison Caron’s values and commitments

Maison Caron’s values and commitments

What are Caron’s values?

Independent of trends and gender, the Caron signature is expressed through strength and determination in rich and intense fragrances that will always leave a lasting impression.

Caron creations are expressed through intense, generous and excessive audacity. This demanding singularity and its exuberant richness can be found in each and every one of our products.

Each Caron fragrance is a statement of freedom. A running theme that connects yesterday, today and tomorrow, it represents our independence, something that is now rare in this industry. The Maison’s freedom is especially embodied in our choice to perpetuate an olfactory style emancipated from what the market dictates.

Our commitments

Does Caron test on animals?

We assure you that neither our perfumes nor our powders are tested on animals during our development, and we ask our suppliers to respect this same commitment.

Our perfumes and powders are manufactured and packaged in France. Caron is committed to a sustainable approach.

We ensure that all our new projects are environmentally friendly and respectful to flora and fauna. This is part of our quality guarantee.

What is the Maison’s CSR policy?

The natural raw ingredients used, like Rose and Vetiver, are sourced from the ethical “IFF For Life” programme, which adheres to specific sustainability criteria such as transparently, environmental responsibility, fair trade and ethical relationships with local producers and communities.


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