The Daum Fountain

In 2014, for its first collaboration with Daum, Caron reinvented the brand’s emblem and gave new life to the source of its precious elixirs.
A real achievement in craftsmanship, this block of molten crystal, topped by a trapezoidal cap, contains at its heart a delicate opalizing amphora.
A 24 carat gold faucet completes this very contemporary work of art. 
The simplicity of its curves highlights the quality of the crystal. Playing with transparency, the crystal discreetly gives way to reveal what is essential: the fragrance.

The Large Fountain

On the creation of the Avenue Montaigne boutique in the eighties, Caron decided to revive the fragrances that made the reputation of the brand at the beginning of the century. Mythical fragrances such as N’aimez que Moi, Poivre, Tabac Blond and En Avion were presented in perfume fountains created in crystal by Daum and Baccarat. Refilling the fragrance bottles from the fountain’s bronze faucet revived the art of perfumery.

Large Opaline Fountain

The result of a combination that defies the laws of craftsmanship, Fontaine de Rêve by Caron is a fusion of tradition and modernism.
Decorated with gold and opals, this fountain is a real gem whose creation required 636cm of 14 carat gold chain, 116 large opals and 39 smaller ones, crafted by hand. Designed in 2011, this unique work of art is presented in a velvet case.