Cologne Sublime

"A powerful cologne where the sparkling freshness of citrus fruits meets the leathery and elegant facet of tobacco."
Jean JACQUES, CARON's in-House perfumer

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L’Heure Vagabonde is the unexpected encounter of two strong personalities. One dazzlingly fresh with a note of larger-than-life lime. Almost good enough to eat! The other, stunningly rich Balkan tobacco absolute with its woody, honeyed and leather notes. This is an essential ingredient in CARON’s fragrances and is notably found in our iconic Tabac Blond. And if you thought the two were too different to get along, prepare to be (very) surprised!

If you like exotic cocktails, you will love the first few minutes of Heure Vagabonde! When combined with sparkling Italian bergamot essence and spicy ginger extract, the lime makes your mouth water. Its intensely fresh, almost exhilarating opening notes gradually warm in the wreathes of the tobacco absolute. A wonderfully faceted precious ingredient that is typically CARON! Essences of guaiac wood, Indonesian patchouli and Haitian vetiver bolster its woody notes, while notes of honey and leather highlight its addictive depths. A powerful fragrance trail of unprecedented chic.

This Heure Vagabonde is the epitome of freshness and elegance making it an ideal cologne for the evening!

The Collection

Exuberant sillages, rich compositions, daring statements…

When CARON attaches its name to the world of Colognes, it shakes up the codes ! Who said fresh scents had to be fleeting? Our perfumer Jean JACQUES has defied every archetype, designing five fragrances that are both powerful and invigorating. The refreshing boost of a Cologne, the intensity of a perfume.

A true creative challenge, the CARON Colognes collection is an haute couture project. These five outstanding fragrances borrow their names from the most beautiful pages of French poetry. Ten big bottles made-to-measure signed and numbered by artist Gilles CHABRIER, inspired by the House’s Art Déco style. Ten creations produced in a very limited series: just 25 units of each design…

The embodiment of exception as seen by CARON.



On the one hand, eau de cologne is known for being sheer and breezy. On the other, CARON is all about power and opulence… even excessively so! So are the two mutually exclusive? Of course not – as our perfumer Jean JACQUES has beautifully demonstrated. By bringing together two iconic ingredients from two separate worlds, he created a fragrance that challenges all our preconceptions. Invigorating yet elegant. As bracing as a cologne and as rich as a perfume. So if, like us, you have long dreamt of an eau fraîche as sophisticated as evening wear, it’s time to rejoice: L’Heure Vagabonde is here!

Did you know?
Perhaps you thought limes were simply lemons picked before they reached maturity? Think again. Limes are actually another variety of fruit that arrived in France in the 20th century. Incidentally, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that its flesh doesn’t contain any seeds!



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