Dress your O bottle with one our 5 enamelled metal discs, plated with 24-carat gold.

Enjoy CARONS's customer experience and wear it as a jewellery thanks to a coated cotton tie.

*Our beautiful ornaments are sold separately from our O bottles.

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The Ornament

The Ornament

In order to make each 100ml bottle recognisable and unique, we have designed a collection of enamelled metal discs, plated with 24-carat champagne gold and decorated with an Art Deco-inspired graphic motif.

Available in five colour palettes, these limited-edition pieces are accompanied by a coated cotton tie, allowing them to be (also) worn as jewellery. The elegant expression of a formula that we hold dear: nothing is wasted, everything is transformed!



By choosing CARON, you’re already setting yourself apart. With our collection of Marvellous Ornaments, we give you the chance to push your distinction even further…

By offering everyone the ability to create a bottle to their own taste, we’re continuing a mission we hold dear: liberating the singularity of every person.

All the 100ml O bottles from la Collection Merveilleuse are customizable with our Marvellous Ornaments.

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse wears its name well. Combining the gems of our heritage with very contemporary creations, every last detail illustrates the overwhelming creativity, daring spirit, and generosity of our House. Refillable, stackable and customizable, the O bottle is our emblem. Free to be different, La Collection Merveilleuse is the most beautiful expression of French Haute Parfumerie by CARON.



Step 1: Unscrew the pump from your bottle
Step 2: Gently press on the CARON disc to tilt it up and remove it from your bottle.
Step 3: Place your beautiful adornment in the space left vacant.
Step 4: Screw the pump clockwise and replace the cap.

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