The Caron Spirit

The Caron Spirit





Artistic sense

Because CARON stands for convictions, here are the ones that have been driving us for more than a century. Our House was built thanks to a successful combination of explosive encounters, audacity, generous luxury, and a deep love for the arts.

Without sparks, there are no fireworks!

We know that the most beautiful alchemies arise when two strong personalities face one another. When two different worlds collide. When two vastly different ingredients come together. The signature of the House of CARON arises from these frictions. At the head of our House and in the heart of our bottles, we cultivate dualities to express our singularity.

Audacity, audacity, and more audacity!

Audacity, audacity, and more audacity!

CARON has been revolutionary since its earliest days. As a bold, visionary brand, we came to master the art of transgressing the conventions of our era… Questioning the established order, taking artistic license, innovating: that’s how CARON accomplished one “first” after another: the first travel-friendly powder, the first leathery fragrance, the first men’s fragrance, the first refillable bottles… Our bold spirit continues to guide our creativity today. To dare is our statement!

Our Perfumer

Too much... still isn’t enough!

Our founder wasn’t the type to have humble dreams. His pronounced taste for going over the top has stayed with us. Even today, the fragrances we design are no less than opulent, brimming with beautiful raw materials and always in excessive concentrations.

True luxury is generous

True luxury is generous

The vision that drives us has a name: generous luxury. Under the instigation of Ariane de ROTHSCHILD and Jean JACQUES, we work towards responsible, activist luxury in line with our time. From our bottles to the formulation of our fragrances, we’re constantly seeking to improve our practices and offer creations that are both beautiful and consistent with our convictions. Luxury as CARON sees it is luxury that never gives up.

Our commitments

The arts make our heart pound

From the very beginning, the House’s creations were made in the Art Deco style, forging an identity that could be recognised in an instant. Since then, we’ve never stopped keeping ourselves open to the world of design! We invite artists and craftsmen to design our bottles with us, as well as our shops, window displays, and even our advertising campaigns. CARON and artistic perfumery are one and the same, and we showcase the best of French savoir-faire.

Our creations