The warmth of woody fragrances

The warmth of woody fragrances

We launched the first men’s fragrance in the history of perfumery in 1934. Our pioneering spirit has been infused into all our men’s scents since. Discover these bold creations and find the signature scent that suits you.

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Our perfumery for men

Created in 1934 and still not a single wrinkle! Even better than that, Pour Un Homme de Caron continues to seduce and turn heads… Let’s face it, CARON’s most famous men’s fragrance is enough to make you envious! For us, Pour Un Homme isn’t simply a long-standing success story; it’s a core part of our identity. This men’s fragrance is a creative concentration of the values we have upheld for over a century, blending artistic audacity with intuition and an unconditional love for beautiful ingredients. A masterpiece of modern perfumery, Pour Un Homme de Caron owes its success to its prestige and popularity: an eternal, inspiring and exceptionally superb scent worn by all generations. Its unmistakable scent has and always will leave a lasting impression. This is how it became an icon and the subject of a song by Gainsbourg, omnipresent in bathrooms both in France and around the world. Pour Un Homme de Caron is extraordinary, in every sense of the word. 2020 has seen its packaging revamped, but we’re careful not to mess with the rest. Because we know, it’s by being true to oneself that it will ensure it remains what it always has been: perfectly timeless and iconic. Why are gourmand notes reserved exclusively to women’s fragrance in modern perfumery? This question bugged our perfumer, Jean Jacques, for a long time. A curious, sometimes cheeky, creative, he loves to question the clichés of his profession and that works for us, as it is by challenging archetypes that CARON has made a name for itself. Some examples? TabacBlond, designed for men and adopted as emblem of emancipation by the flappers of the Roaring Twenties. Or even Pour Un Homme de Caron, the first “men’s” fragrance to be launched in history, whose use of typically feminine vanilla in its composition contributed to its success. The Maison has always been inspired by market types, if only to learn how to best go against them. This new fragrance, combining a never-before-seen duo of hazelnut and vetiver, is also a homage to Ernest Daltroff& Félicie Wanpouille, the founding duo that always loved to shake up conventions with audacity and passion.

Brand new!

True to this subtly provocative spirit, Jean Jacques dreamed of creating an addictive scent for men. Hazelnut -gourmand and nottoo sweet -became the ideal jumping off point. Its warm and woody aroma, with green and crunchy notes, was playing on his mind when a trip to Haiti brought him the revelation he was waiting for. He came across a factory there that was producing exceptional vetiver essence and was instantly engrossed by thesmell of the roots waiting to be distilled: woody, earthy and tobacco facets were combined with a surprising touch of fresh hazelnut. An iconic ingredient in men’s perfumery, vetiver was the alter-ego to his hazelnut that he was looking for! It was through this love at first sight moment that this surprising duo was born, the secret to the unique, assertive and ultra elegant signature of AIMEZ-MOI COMME JE SUIS. The first men’s fragrance to showcase hazelnuts, CARON’s new creation is in keeping with the Maison’s avant-garde tradition with added panache. Discover our women’s fragrances too…