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« A warm and inviting composition where the milky, woody notes of javanol meet the musky and fresh facets of cashmeran. »
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Expect the unexpected. Express your emotions with no holds barred. Explore this powerfully pure energy from deep within. Discover Musc Oli a fresh, potent and enveloping fragrance that opens the door to your innermost self. Read more.

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Musc Oli
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Musc Oli is a harmony of woods, musk, freshness and intensity which unleashes an incredible sensation of serenity and comfort.
This fragrance is unlike any other CARON composition. A true “UFO” for the House, it showcases two of the most stunning ingredients in synthetic perfumery: cashmeran FF®, an ultra-facetted exclusive version of cashmeran, and javanol, the most powerful of all sandalwood molecules.

This duo is preceded by the fresh woody notes of amberxtreme and operanide. It reveals its woody and musky power while supported by sinfonife, an exclusive and ultra modern musk. Sacrasol gently envelops the cashmeran with its musky warmth.



Prepare for the unknown. Give in to your emotions. Draw a pure and powerful energy from within. Musc Oli is a fascinating exploration. An unusual fragrance that opens the doors to a world that is peculiar yet familiar: our inner self.

Because Musc Oli has the power to reconnect us with our deepest self. Once in contact with the skin, a mysterious alchemy begins to take place. Its molecular ingredients release energetic particles whose clean light draws out the edges of a world infinitely vaster than our own eyes can perceive. Their beneficial energy guides us as we gain a better knowledge of our world.

This synergy leads to a feeling of inner peace and positive energy. An incredible sensation of serenity. A state of absolute bliss, almost weightlessness. The feeling that anything could happen.

The Creative Duo

The Creative Duo

Musc Oli tells the story of a meeting. The fusion of two personalities that are passionate about art and creation. Olivia de ROTHSCHILD,
highly involved in the House’s artistic vision, and Jean Jacques, CARON’s in House Perfumer.
Both enamoured by musky notes, they blend their inspirations, their instincts and their creativity to design a perfume as a source of serenity, with a
100% molecular duality.
A decidedly daring scent for the House.

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse wears its name well. Combining the gems of our heritage with very contemporary creations, every last detail illustrates the overwhelming creativity, daring spirit, and generosity of our House. Refillable, stackable and customizable, the O bottle is our emblem. Free to be different, La Collection Merveilleuse is the most beautiful expression of French Haute Parfumerie by CARON.


Around CASHMERAN: Cashmeran FF® (exclusive and ultra facetted IFF musky woody note) | Belanone (powdery modern musk) | Sinfonife (modern and crystal-clear musk) | Sacrasol (milky, creamy and warm note)

Around JAVANOL: Javanol (sandalwood note) | Ambroxan (woody amber note) | Opéranide (dry, woody note that is fiery and fresh) | AmberXtreme (dry, woody and powerful note, highly explosive)

Our ingredients lists are regularly updated. Before using a CARON product we invite you to carefully read the ingredients list printed on the packaging to be sure that this product is suitable for your personal use.


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Explore your inner self

Musc Oli is a fascinating exploration. Musc Oli tells the story of a meeting, a synergy leads to a feeling of inner peace and positive energy. An incredible sensation of serenity. A state of absolute bliss, almost weightlessness. The feeling that anything could happen.

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Customer Reviews

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Woody for the Summer!

This perfume is remarkably light for one categorized as woody/amber. Dominantly rosy, it doesn't feel woody in the conventional sense—its lightness makes it effortlessly suitable for summer wear. The base note of Ambroxan Muscenone contributes to the fragrance's airy feel. The prominent top note is Damascus rose. As the perfume settles, it transforms into a powdery, slightly soapy aroma. However, the soapiness is pleasantly subtle, underpinning the other aromas and emerging in gentle, discreet bursts. It might even be described as a 'barbershop fragrance,' given its distinct freshness.


I smelled it yesterday and I was initially addicted to this perfume...it is so attractive that I was smelling my wrist all day...Woody, musky, sensual...one of the best muscs I ever smelled!

You are cosmic masterpiece!

Truly this scent transports you to your world with your wildest desires!

Musc Oli

Very good smell. Was delivered to Estonia (about 15 days).
I love this perfume!
Very good package: big box, paper wrap, card, little gift bag (shopping bag), samples and perfume!
Will definitely recommend to all my friends!

Beautiful “my skin but better” scent

I love this. I ordered a sample first and then bought a full bottle, and had it sent directly from Caron to the US. Packaging was just lovely. The scent is molecular in nature like iso e super and ambroxan both, with a lovely creamy sandalwoody type of aroma underneath. It sits quietly but lasts quite well and is just a perfect neutral yet pleasant aroma.

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