Fragranced hand sanitisers

Fragranced hand sanitisers

Our hand sanitisers combine a fresh and melt-in texture with a delicious scent. An essential collection that should always be kept to hand!

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Our scented hand sanitisers!

A new perfuming ritual to enchant your daily routine! Our scented hand sanitisers are the perfect combination of effectiveness and sensoriality. The scented hand sanitisers treat your senses by transporting them to a smooth, delicate universe. Their fresh and melt-in texture penetrates instantly, is non-sticky and does not need to be rinsed. Thanks to their light and colourful bottle, our scented hand sanitisers can be taken anywhere. They help keep your hands clean and soft while delicately scenting them with your favourite fragrance. CARON has decided to combine hand sanitisers with fragrance for a simple yet sophisticated perfuming ritual!