"A masterful, daring fragrance where the intensity of leather blends with the powdery notes of carnation."
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A plant with a plethora of potential, tobacco holds secrets that only the perfumer can unlock. Discover the multifaceted that the Luminous Tobaccos collection reveals! Read More.

Tabac Blond
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With Tabac Blond, leather is given pride of place, elevated by powerful woody and smokey notes. Virginian cedar wood is first added to the formula in excess, at 20%. Then the earthy accents of vetiver and patchouli, coupled with the smokey notes of cistus labdanum and vulcanised styrax essence. This very dark blend provides a stark contrast to its floral heart notes: a rich bouquet of rose and ylang-ylang, where the naturally spicy notes of carnation are accentuated by clove. Fused into an intense and deep scent, these antagonistic notes create a new kind of perfume. Evoking the transgressive atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, Tabac Blond is a lightly powdery leather scent that is both dark and delicate with an enchanting ambivalence. A revolutionary creation back then, a revolutionary creation today.



Inspired by Paris in the Roaring Twenties, by jazz and the Charleston, Tabac Blond is an exploration of the most leathery aromas of tobacco. The party is in full swing in a Haussmanian apartment as the sunset paints the sky a pinky orange colour. Its rays bounce off the golden brassy tones of an Art Deco chimney. Carnation-filled vases, pearl necklaces and long, ivory cigarette holders are showcased on the precious shagreen-covered wooden furniture. The wind of change, of freedom, wafts through the clouds of smoke. Bold and mysterious, Tabac Blond is a fragrance that transcends convention and gender.

Did you know?

There is a before and after for Tabac Blond. A never-before-seen scent, its leather-dominant trail gave rise to an entirely new fragrance family: the “leathers”. This family is named “Tobaccos” to pay tribute to the pioneering creation that made audacity the House of CARON’s signature.

Luminous Tobaccos

Luminous Tobaccos

Since 1919, Tabac Blond’s deep, leathery and honey-like note of tobacco is the symbol of CARON audacity. This fragrance inspired Jean JACQUES, CARON’s in-House perfumer, to dedicate an entire collection to tobacco in the Luminous Tobaccos.

A plant with a plethora of potential, tobacco holds secrets that only the perfumer can unlock. Whether picked while still green or ripe, dried, smoked or burnt, their leaves open up a wide range of possibilities. Multifaceted, tobacco absolute also reveals notes of white tea or cereals, as well as more honey-like aromas, finishing on animalistic and leathery notes.

Borrowing the CARON founder’s taste for adventurous exploration, Jean JACQUES unveils, through the Luminous Tobaccos collection, the extent of this mythical ingredient’s olfactory spectrum.

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse

La Collection Merveilleuse wears its name well. Combining the gems of our heritage with very contemporary creations, every last detail illustrates the overwhelming creativity, daring spirit, and generosity of our House. Refillable, stackable and customizable, the O bottle is our emblem. Free to be different, La Collection Merveilleuse is the most beautiful expression of French Haute Parfumerie by CARON.



Tabac Blond explores the most leathery facet of tobacco, and combines it with its polar opposite. The dark, smoky accents of a typically masculine leather note are blended with the sensual, infinitely feminine, powdery notes of carnation. A marvellously ambiguous duo that oscillates between the powerful scent of skin and the softness of a flower at the heart of a fragrance that breaks all the rules.

Around CARNATION: Carnation | Comorian Ylang-Ylang Essence | Turkish Rose Essence | Galbanum Essence | Clove Essence

Around LEATHER: Leather | CistusLlabdanum | Haitian Vetiver Oil | Vulcanised Styrax Essence | Indonesian Patchouli Essence | Virginia Cedarwood Essence (20%)

Our ingredients lists are regularly updated. Before using a CARON product we invite you to carefully read the ingredients list printed on the packaging to be sure that this product is suitable for your personal use.


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Tabac blond

Un parfum que j’adore porter.
Livré très rapidement dans un packaging très chic.
Accompagné de plusieurs échantillons.

Fragrance 1.
Utter Mastery in Confidence and Luxury

As a lover of fragrance for 20 years or so, of course I was aware of Caron Tabac Blond.
However, I was never fully aware until I got a sample with a purchase of Rose Ebene( …or was it Tabac Exquis, another mastery).

I tested Tabac Blonde on paper, but it took a few months for me to wear and be utterly blown away by it's composition!!!

On paper, I did not necessarily pick up the tobacco but on my skin it absolute evoke an extroverted, luxurious night in Paris in the 1920's, as I imagine it to be. A night where tobacco, powder, and the confidence of youth was inescapable. So, yes, there is something eternally youthful about Tabac Blond.

The way the tobacco plays with the flowers( iris, but there has to be a strong white flower representation, linden, ylang, jasmine ???) and then plays alongside a dynamic clove, creating a smoky sweetness.

Tabac Blond is a worthy masterpiece that define luxury, as well as confidence.

A timeless creation

Tabac Blond is a fragrance surrounded by mystique. It has been around for much longer than most fragrances, which in itself is a testament to its unique formula and quality. I recently had the chance to experience this latest version. There were concerns that it might have been changed too much since many perfumery ingredients have either been restricted or banned over the past decades. Also, some natural ingredients that were available back then might not be around today. Considering all these factors, it must be incredibly challenging to keep all these legendary scents intact. When trying the current Tabac Blond, I was instantly amazed by how faithful it smells compared to samples procured from a collector friends authentic 1920s version of Tabac Blond. Mind you, such an old scent would have changed dramatically over time, but still, even when accounting for oxidation, the new Tabac Blond is incredibly close to the original formula. Sure, it starts out brighter, and feels overall more lively and vibrant that the old one, but that is to be expected, since the more volatile fresh citrus notes usually disappear or go bad in old perfumes. The new Tabac Blond is simply outstanding! It is instantly recognizable, has that almost buttery, leathery goodness to it. There certainly is a defining mossy tone to the composition as well, which is a hallmark of perfumes from "back in the day". Even as someone who rarely enjoys leather in perfumes, the leather in Tabac Blond always makes me swoon with its soft, yet raw texture. The tobacco note runs through the entire composition, lending it a certain smoky, mellow smoothness. Tabac Blond is simply divine, and what Jean Jacques did to its formula is nothing short of a miracle. It smells just as fabulous as it did many decades ago. Even the lasting power and sillage of Tabac Blond are exceptional! You will be noticed wearing it, so prepare to steal the hearts of numerous people with this marvel of a perfume.


Je suis heureuse de retrouver Caron que je croyais disparu
J'ai porté autrefois
Tabac Blond avec bonheur

Excellent fragrance

Tabac blond is one of my favorite fragrances. I like it and have been using it for over 10 years. I bought it many times in different concentrations. And it is still the same. Love it! ❤️
I would like to thank Caron for perfect parcel packaging, very safe and beautiful, and for gifts provided. It was a pleasure to open it. Merci beaucoup!

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